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Game Tester Application Form

The SMS field must contain between 6 and 19 digits and include the country code without using +/0 (e.g. 1xxxxxxxxxx for the United States)

At the moment, we are only taking applicants from North America. 

  • If you are choosing 'Vancouver' as your location, please be a maximum 1-hour commute from downtown Vancouver to be considered for the Vancouver testing pool. 
  • If you are more than an hour from downtown Vancouver and still in North America, you are eligible for at-home testing. If this fits your description, please put 'North America (Outside Vancouver)’ as your location. 

In the future, there may be opportunities for European applicants to apply.

You don't have to consider yourself a gamer. As long as you are above 18, know of gaming, or have played at least one game, you'll be considered. Our testing is not reliant on your gaming skill, so even if you only play candy crush, sign-up now!

Fill out the sign-up form above and then prepare yourself for testing by playing 'The Waiting Game.' Ensure to provide your phone number, first name, last name, location and email, and our facilitators will contact you closer to a testing date for further availability.

What to expect after signing up for testing:

  • Receive an email confirming your submission and a follow-up form to provide light details on your playing habits 
  • Be contacted about your availability for a follow-up call once the subsequent testing takes place
  • Have a call to discuss your gaming habits and history before confirming a testing date and time
  • Take part in our testing by either coming into our downtown Vancouver office or testing from your Home

Depending on the amount of time we have for testing will determine the amount of compensation received, but this will all be discussed if/when you are selected as a tester.

This is not a full-time role. Tests are on a case-by-case basis.

All information given will only be utilized for 跳出来工作室 game testing purposes and never be accessible by third-party applications. 跳出来工作室 shall always follow the guidelines set by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) regarding the information we receive from signees.